Additional Item Processing / Package Consolidation

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Additional Item Processing / Package Consolidation 

adding items to an open order. Only possible if the order status is "Awaiting Fulfillment" 

If your open order is in any other status, adding more items will not be possible. 

For each request 5,00EUR will be charged 

Simply include this product listing with your next order.

Shipping charges will apply at checkout, as the attributes to the total package changes, the shipping price might change. 

Any extra shipping charges will be refunded to you by the selected refund method after the orders have been processed. 

You can add as many items as you want. 

Important! this service may not be available for orders with express shipping! 

If you choose an express shipping method, it might be cheaper for you to ship separately. Should this be the case, then the Processing fee will be refunded.

1) insert your previous order number
2) select refund method
3) add to cart 
4) add all further items you wish to purchase to your cart 
5) proceed to checkout 
6) we will consolidate your orders within stated order processing time 
7) additional shipping fee will be refunded if available 

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