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Welcome to AUTOart Spare parts shop.

Do you have a model with a damaged part, or has something broken off? We can help you replace your parts! Or at least try to. 

We do our best to offer a complete selection of parts, from an AUTOart model. As there are hundreds of different models from AUTOart it is impossible to stock replacement parts for all of them.
But In several cases we have defective models in stock from which we can take the replacement parts.

Please check out our shop to see if your part is available. If not, please take a look in our FAQ below for information or send us a message via our contact us page. 


We are an outsourced business and are in no way affiliated with AUTOart. We simply resell individual parts from deconstructed AUTOart models.


We offer spare parts exclusively for AUTOart models.

Do you have a model with a damaged or missing part? We are here to help!

We try to offer every part from all AUTOart models ever produced. This is not always possible, as some parts come from second choice or partially damaged models, but we also have a wide selection of brand new parts. 


I got a damaged model that needs parts but isn't from AUTOart, do you have those as well? 

No, we do not carry replacement parts from other manufacturers.