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Please use our in store search function to review our current stock. 

Should the item you are looking for not show up, then it is currently out of stock or unavailable. 

Should the part be unavailable then we offer our parts finder service, submit a request via the form link below and you will be informed once the part is stock with us.

A request is not a reservation! You will be informed once the part is stock, this does not mean it is reserved for you, anyone visiting the site may see and purchase the item. 

Our parts finder service is only available for parts from the Brand AUTOart. Requests for other branded parts will not be processed. (this includes former AUTOart brands Gate and UT Models)

We will not be able to process an invalid, incorrect or missing code in the request.

We will contact you via email once the part is available. If you do not receive a response soon, please be aware the item you requested is simply not available yet.
No response = not stock! it may take several days, Months or years for an item to become stock. Please only submit the request once. 
We release parts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so be sure to check the site on those days for updates or follow us on Facebook!
By clicking submit we confirm we have received your request. Please do not send us a separate email with the same request, we will only advise you to submit it here again, this will be a waste of time for both parties and lead to unnecessary confusion. 

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